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converse deisgn-02.png
converse deisgn-01.png

Submission #1 – WINNER

This was a skateboard design I submitted for Flipturn band's merch contest. This design ended up being chosen as one of the four winners for the contest and a hoodie is coming out soon on the Flipturn website!

I wanted to create a fun and creative hand drawn style that played off the band's name. I put a little pop of color and a fun design in the socks and also brought that same redish color to the skateboard to create a sense of cohesiveness throughout the design. I created a few mockups because I submitted these as crewnecks/hoodies with a color palette included that could be used as possible fabric colors. 

flower design-03.png
flower design-04.png
flower design-05.png

Submission #2

For this submission I wanted to try out a new logo for the band. I used the word flip literally and did an upside-down effect with the text. I added a flower detailing for the sleeve to try out coloring and line work style for the hoodie design.

melting design-06.png
melting design-08.png
melting design-07.png

Submission #3

This design was a take on hand drawn text that had a melting effect. I kept it colorful and incorporated a black outline version for white clothing and a white outline for black clothing. This was submitted to be on tshirts.

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