Good Licks is a wine infused ice cream start up company. My client told me to create multiple logos to be used in multiple different settings. The brand personality is very casual and fun but also wants to be taken seriously as a brand.

This badge brand mark will most likely be used as the primary logo for the brand. I was provided a color palette my client liked at the beginning of the project so I wanted to find a way to communicate the playful and fun personality this color palette expresses.

Still working with the color palette I created this logo that will be used on the product packaging. I created a fun and whimsical illustration to communicate the expressiveness of the brand.

This mark was created to be used in more professional and sophisticated settings. I took the concept of wine infused ice cream and created a wine glass shaped spill with the shape of ice cream in the middle, bringing the two aspects of her company together.

package design coming soon

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